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Without edges, matter would have no boundary within which to give shape to what we see. Think of a river without edges: the water would not know where to flow. In a road without edges, there would be no exit route. In a society without edges, we would not even have a place in which to stay and try to start again. A little, but something. A thin edge, but capable of containing the world.

Applying a edge to an object is like drawing the outline of the space in which it will exist. On this side, it is the thing you look at and touch, on the other side, it is everything else. Edgebanding a piece of furniture is like making it exist in a definitive, complete way. Finished.

For over 50 years we have been making edgebanding and edgebanding have been making us, the desire to trace and overcome that limit, to always do better, better than others and better for us.

Without edgebanding, there would be no Plastivar. Without Plastivar there would be fewer quality edgebanding for your projects.


Vocation is a force, it is the strength to choose where you want to go, knowing where you come from and where you are. Then it’s just a matter of continuing in the same direction.

We are unique because we are lucky enough to live in a region of Italy where the beauty of the land and the quality of the people are clearly expressed by the name: inventiveness, tenacity, efficiency, and availability.

We are unique by vocation because we have come a very long way, starting from an artisan who was able to invent how to shape a coated panel until it resembled a shutter, or to build a glue-spreading machine on his own (1985). We were among the first to install an extrusion line to produce ABS edges. We have been through ups and downs, crises and recoveries, always staying on track. Today we are a design partner capable of anticipating market trends. When a customer chooses us, they know they have found a point of reference.


You are different if you have the courage to leave the old for the new, when the new is worth the effort of proving that, by taking a different direction, you will have to be more careful but you will arrive sooner.

Excellence is the highest point, when you are at the top of the mountain, you look down and realise how far you have come.

We are different because of excellence and because we have been able to calculate the risk of change. It took courage to say NO to the past and YES to the future, NO to PVC and YES to ABS. It seems easy, it seems nothing, but it means looking ahead to do better. Better quality, better protection of the environment.


Innovation does not necessarily mean creating something from scratch. Sometimes all it takes to create something is to imitate what is already perfect.

Nature has given human beings the ability to make the best use of the tools they have or have built themselves.

A large part of our work involves imitating – by means of colour, printing and varnishing – the characteristics of the panel on which the edge we produce will be applied. This is where the game is played: to create anew what is already there, what has been conceived in that way, by that designer, and for that piece of furniture. It takes all the ingenuity we are capable of, it takes hands and brains, mechanics and software, experience and experimentation, the reliability of technology and the skill of the operator. Today we can reach the threshold of 95 gloss in the extra-gloss effect and reach the lower limit of 3/4 gloss in an extra-matt edge. We are close to the highest level technically achievable. We can be satisfied and say that, yes, we are innovative by nature.


Originality sought at all costs always seems forced, it sounds like unauthentic quality, a bit like all show and no substance.

We are certainly original, and this choice today sees us going against the tide. We are convinced that direct gravure printing guarantees better results in terms of resolution than digital. When the evidence shows us otherwise, we will stop being a discordant voice. Differentiating ourselves, in this case, serves to preserve the trust of those who expect the highest quality from us. Always, no matter what.


Instinct is a dry impulse. The same as that used to start a machine. Precision comes later, you learn it: it is used to calibrate the machine so that it works in the best possible way.

We are precise by instinct because we instantly know when something is wrong in our work, and what is needed to make it go right. And the results come, right where we expect them. Perfectly integrated in the organisation, on-time deliveries, almost unbeatable in creating the right colour, in reproducing the most complex design, in working the surface until you can’t stop touching it.


When you can find a nice exception to the rule, you feel freer. Happy to break out of the box.

Talent must be nourished, it requires care, study, application, updating, mistakes to learn from. The fruits come later and sometimes in a form you don’t expect.

We realise that talent has made us freer when we manage to turn a customer into something very similar to a friend. Sometimes it happens: over lunch in a restaurant, on the banks of the Adda river, distances are shortened, roles are exchanged along with words, a different relationship of trust and respect begins, in the absolute awareness of the value of others.

This mechanism is also triggered between the people who work in the company. Different tasks, departments like small worlds, but when there are new challenges, the Plastivar DNA suddenly emerges: the common goal, family, friendliness, the group. Feeling free to express an idea, free to be yourself. And so it happens that the line worker enlightens the group with a brilliant idea, capable of solving a production problem.


If you ask us how you can tell that an object is Made in Italy, we don’t know the answer. It’s a way of being and doing. You perceive it. And if you’re not from here, you can’t imitate it. It’s no use trying to cheat. You’ll only lose.

We cannot be imitated because we are the sum of craftsmanship, industry, and automation, we blend technique and creativity, we bring the quality of a single piece to mass-produced pieces, we balance speed and attention to detail, aesthetics and functionality, work and the rest of life. Being that becomes doing. We are a style. We are Made in Italy.