Our experienced technicians and consultants are at your complete disposal for any customisation need.


Computerised management of the entire line, constant quality controls, perfect synchronisation of the production phases.


Widespread and well-organised network of distributors, possibility of customised packaging.

After sales

Assistance on products, also after the edge has been applied: we guarantee quality and efficiency even after the sale.



  • Neutral granule pigmentation. Colour and material become one: the coloured sheet is produced directly in the company
  • Wide range of solid colours and possibility of graduating the colour tones
  • Opacity, gloss and embossing can be reproduced with extreme fidelity to the model and even to the idea described only in words
  • Calibration of each measurement (thickness, width, and length) with minimum and maximum values at the limit of technical possibilities and with absolute precision
  • Environmentally-friendly coating for high degree of protection against degradation (scratches, fingerprints, humidity, solvents, UV rays)

Imitation and customization

  • Surface visual effects obtained by direct gravure printing: the ink is impressed directly onto the sheet using a single cylinder. Maximum resolution of the design. Mechanical printing still offers better results than digital
  • Realistic imitation of materials; maximum visual and tactile correspondence: wood (tone and grain), stone (texture and roughness), metal (shine and temperature), fabrics (design and pattern)
  • Possibility of re-creating any decoration conceived by manufacturers, designers and architects
  • Inventiveness and proactive power in combining ABS with increasingly different materials: real wood, aluminium and more to be invented. Complete willingness to experiment with new combinations that will make the finished product unique and exclusive


  • Perfect correspondence between edge and panel: near invisible joints, gaps reduced to a minimum
  • Easy cutting, trimming and rounding
  • Maximum elasticity and flexibility of the extruded material. Excellent performance of special compounds when winding and bending are required
  • Anchoring primer that guarantees perfect adhesion of the edge to any type of panel, compatible with all types of adhesives and with the various technologies that can be used in the application phase

Environmentally Friendly

  • Reduction of processing waste. Recovery of recyclable components
  • No heavy metals in all production materials
  • Emission filtering systems
  • ABS: the alternative to PVC. Less polluting, higher quality guaranteed


  • Gestione e controllo dell’intera linea produttiva mediante strumentazione computerizzata
  • Controllo qualità a garanzia delle caratteristiche di prodotto, della sicurezza in azienda e della tutela ambientale
  • Rete capillare e ben strutturata di distributori
  • Imballaggi personalizzabili: dal jumbo su pallet alla scatola di cartone in varie dimensioni

Fully customisable

From product to packaging: your style, your brand.

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Made in Italy

From the raw materials to the finished product: everything is absolutely guaranteed thanks to a complete and meticulous control of each production phase. 100% made in Italy, 100% made in Plastivar.


Catalogue products

One of the advantages of having 50 years of history is that we have probably already produced the effect or colour you are looking for. This means greater speed, both in sampling and in production.


Recyclable materials

Better performance and better for nature: thanks to ABS, we only use recyclable materials with a low heavy metal content. One more step towards quality, one more step towards protecting the environment.


Production lines

We work in shifts, day and night, never stopping. Quality rewards us, we repay with numbers: we produce thousands of square metres of edging every year, always keeping pace with market needs.



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