The warm effect of wood has an undeniable charm. Our daily challenge is to faithfully reproduce the characteristics of the most beautiful wood essences found in nature.

We capture the colours, nuances and smallest details of each wood species and transfer them to an ABS surface. We produce wood-effect prints that are resistant to impacts, abrasions and scratches, insensitive to temperature changes, waterproof, stain and chemical resistant and easy and quick to clean. These results are the fruit of production processes that we have perfected and gradually refined. Technological innovation leads to the highest quality, but this is not enough. Continuous research into the materiality of natural woods becomes a source of inspiration when we are asked to enhance the particular aspect of a nuance: a detail that makes the difference because the edge will complement a piece of furniture that, along with many other things over the years, you will call home.


  • Straight edgebanding
  • Soft forming
  • Laser and hot air
  • Cnc machines


  • Embossed
  • Extra-matt
  • High gloss


  • Thickness from 0.35 to 3mm

  • Height from 16mm to 720mm

  • Recyclable and eco-friendly

  • Minimum tolerance on colour

  • Rapid imitation of colour, pattern and finish

  • High durability

  • Rapid protection

  • Fully customisable

  • 100% made in Italy

  • Over 1000 versions

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