Intersections, lines, intertwining, and natural crevices: for marble, granite and stone these are typical characteristics, for us they are the starting point from which to create a product that will stand out and be chosen.

The discerning eye of the designer looks for something in the stone that is not there: the tone, the texture, the relief, the brilliance. He has to find the effect he has in mind. We respond by raising the stakes. We propose a material that looks like stone, but that is easy to work: it will allow itself to be modelled, adapting to any surface and giving it eternal solidity. At this point, technique gives way to inventiveness. By studying new material finishes and experimenting with new methods to achieve different levels of gloss and opacity, we recreate effects that you would only find in nature.


  • Straight edgebanding
  • Soft forming
  • Laser and hot air
  • Cnc machines


  • Embossed
  • Extra-matt
  • High gloss


  • Thickness from 0.35 to 3mm

  • Height from 16mm to 720mm

  • Recyclable and eco-friendly

  • Minimum tolerance on colour

  • Rapid imitation of colour, pattern and finish

  • High durability

  • Rapid protection

  • Fully customisable

  • 100% made in Italy

  • Over 1000 versions

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